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Granule din plastic, colectare deseuri, colectare pet, granule polietilena


We produce high quality plastic granules with properties such as: clarity, elasticity, gasless granules.


We sell a wide range of grinding, such as: HDPE polyethylene, white, black, coloured and virgin raw material.


Our products are carefully selected and the processing is made using high performance machines in order to ensure the highest level of quality.

Bin liners and bags

ItalPast Group manufactures and markets top quality household waste bags and bags at special prices.

Wellcome to ItalPlast website

ITALPLAST GROUP SRL, a company specializing in the collection and recycling of plastic waste collects waste plastic, paper, cathode.

The company’s activity in the plastic processing field includes both waste recycling and processing of the raw material resulting from the extrusion process- film (building foil, tubular foil, agricultural foil, bin liners and bags). Given than 90% of the companies in Romania produce technological plastic waste, the collection of this waste, its processing by regranulation and its integration in the economic circuit became naturally indispensable, the establishment of Italplast Group being very useful.

The business development during recent years is the result of the stake put on a modern technology and on an efficient management. The activity of S.C. ITALPLAST GROUP is certified according to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2005 and it is approved by the Ministry of Environment of Romania.

Why work with us?

Customer satisfaction, resource saving and environmental protection are our primary objectives in the medium and long term. In order to give you a better idea of ​​our professionalism, there are some attributes that are presented to help you start a collaboration with us.

The wide range of services

Recycling, plastics collection and environmental protection services

What we offer

We come to meet you with a wide range of products

Produse regranulate

Regranulated products

We sell re-granulated products: polyethylene LDPE natural and color; polystyrene white, black, colourful ...

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Grinded products

Grinded products

The plastic granules produced by ITALPLAST GROUP SRL are prewashed, washed and re-granulated ...

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Finished Products

Finished Products

We sell rugged, durable, flexible, moisture barrier LDPE. ...

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Virgin raw material

Virgin raw material

We sell virgin raw material: HDPE white polyethylene, polyethylene HDPE coloured sulphate ...

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Articles and news about our company's activity, as well as new information on recycling and environmental protection

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