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About ItalPlast Group


The beginnings of the company in the field of plastic processing, even if in an exploratory form, date at 1997.
The company’s activity in the plastic processing field includes both waste recycling and processing of the raw material resulting from the extrusion process- film (building foil, tubular foil, agricultural foil, bin liners and bags).

Given than 90% of the companies in Romania produce technological plastic waste, the collection of this waste, its processing by regranulation and its integration in the economic circuit became naturally indispensable, the establishment of Italplast Group being very useful.

S.C. Italplast Group S.R.L. is a Romanian 100% privately held company.

Once with Romania’s accession to UE, special attention is paid to environmental protection and implicitly to the methods and systems enabling its protection.

The business development during recent years is the result of the stake put on a modern technology and on an efficient management. The activity of S.C. ITALPLAST GROUP is certified according to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2005 and it is approved by the Ministry of Environment of Romania.

Diploma de excelenta

Creation and implementation of programs which will promote the aspects of the social development of recycling and which will lead, at the same time, to an economic use of resources and to the protection of the environment.

ITALPLAST GROUP will continue to militate for a clean environment, extending its activity in areas such as glass, wood, paper and cardboard recycling etc.


S.C. ITALPLAST GROUP uses the best technology available in this field. Both technology and technological process used distinguish the quality of our products and services from the ones existing on the market.


  • LDPE / LLDPE foil washing line from Italy - TECNOFER;
  • Shredder CC 940 TECNOFER;
  • Re-granulator of Austrian origin "INTAREMA 1007 TVE plus";
  • Re-granulator of Austrian origin "INTAREMA 1310 TVE plus";
  • Re-granulator of Italian origin "GAMMA MECCANICA GM 125 Compac";
  • TECNOFER Italian crushing mill;
  • TECNOFER water filtration system.


    Technological Process

    The quality of our products is the result of the attention paid to each stage of the technological process, as follows:

    COLLECTION is made under the supervision of specialist chemists after testing in Italplast Group laboratory;

    SORTING is carried out by special trained personnel and it may be:

    a) mechanical;
    b) manual;

    GRINDING: is performed using the mill and the shredder;

    WASHING is performed using the most advanced machinery;

    REGRANULATION is performed using the most advanced technology available in the field and benefits from the quality certification of our specialists.

    After the sorting, washing/grinding and regranulation process, the raw material for finished products is obtained: bin liners, bulk bags, bags, building and greenhouse foil, bubble foil.

    The modern technical equipment (mill and washing machine ZERMA, shredder ZERMA, regranulation machine EREMA) and the services of the advisors specialized in plastic ensure for ITALPLAST GROUP a great flexibility in negotiating the sale and purchase contracts


    Italplast Group SRL can recommend new and used machinery for plastics processing:

    • mills of different capacities;
    • foil extruder, film extruder;
    • reaming machines with head or thread cutting;
    • friction, press filters;
    • water cutting mills;
    • drayers (centrifuge);
    • resistant and stainless steel tubing;
    • presses, knives, gaskets, keys;
    • stamps, guns, screw conveyors.

    About ItalPlast Group can say that it benefits from the most important asset of a company: Promptness. I recommend with confidence for the quality of the services and products offers.

    Alex Munteanu

    The quality of the services offered by the ItalPlast Group is at its highest, offering at the same time superior quality products. I recommend for professionalism, promptitude and courtesy.

    Irina Dumitrescu