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Granule din plastic, colectare deseuri, colectare pet, granule polietilena

The new aesthetic of the ugly: waste art

Nina Nikiforova, a former physician of Russia, transforms the waste and household refuses in works of art, sold for hundreds of dollars in the western part of Europe.

Nina Nikiforova, a former physician of Russia, wakes up very early in the morning, whenever she can do so. This happens only when she gets in a seashore town. She doesn’t particularly look for the sunrise or solitary gulls but something much more palpable: empty bottles, brought by water.

“Sometimes, the water leaves on the beach bottles with signs of seashells and sand inside them. I transform these bottles in the most beautiful works of art”, says the Russian woman who showed Bucharest inhabitants present at the Museum of the Romanian Peasant how to use garbage to make art objects.

A family project

Nikiforova looks like a serious grandmother when she puts her spectacles on the nose and starts to look for old disposable objects. She has though the skilfulness and imagination of a young teenager who experiments art. There aren’t any rules for her, any material, be it shabby, dirty or damaged, has its own story and an artistic potential.

Thus, the remainders of plastic bottles- painted a little bit and melted here in there- become fishes, old materials transmit the idea of fluidity and the bottle is the basic element in reinventing the consumption of wine or vodka.

Nina Nikiforova’s project, bearing the name “Transformation into Art of the Civilization Garbage”, consists in tours all over the world, within which the artist organizes creation workshops in order to demonstrate people that waste may be transformed in art. In her peregrinations around the world, Nina Nikiforova is often accompanied by her husband and children whom she also involved in the project.

The approach of the Russian woman reminds of the aesthetic of the ugly of Baudelaire or of the mouldy flowers of Tudor Arghezi. “Nobody thought me how to do this”, say the artist whose works became known and are sold even for hundreds of dollars. The most appreciated are the decorated bottles but also the plastic, paper or can paintings.


How to redecorate an old bottle

With an old stocking, the artist Nina Nikiforova dressed a wine bottle, properly washed inside. She glued the stocking, here and there, using silicone and she tied the free ends and knotted them artistically in the form of a rose, fixed with glue.

She then cut the tip of a stocking and glued, around it, an orange rope which she then continued to turn all over bottle, gluing it, here and there.

She slashed, here and there, the brown stocking and at the end she splashed everything with bronze. This was the bottle number 301 of all bottles made by the artist and sold for several hundreds of dollars per piece to the restaurants serving wine or vodka from her works.

Source: Evenimentul Zilei