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Plastic waste has some peculiarities, namely - its recycling is important from the point of view of the conservation of oil resources. When we talk about the recycling of plastic waste, we mean:

  • the protection of nature and natural resources;
  • reducing soil, water and air pollution;
  • reducing environmental pollution;
  • saving energy.

For these reasons, ITALPLAST GROUP is part of the TERRA VERDE association, which carries out ecology programs by organizing waste collection actions in protected areas and cities and social education actions to raise awareness of the importance of environmental protection through waste recycling. ITALPLAST GROUP actively participates in educational programs organized by various educational institutions in favor of nature protection, providing information and material support. Also, ITALPLAST GROUP is actively involved in supporting environmental projects run by NGOs, participating in events such as: Earth Days, International Environmental Day, International Climate Action Day, International Biodiversity Day.

In the European Union countries about 60% of the total collected plastic waste is used energetically. The arguments in favor of using them as a conventional fuel substitute refer to:
high calorific value - comparable to higher coal;
high recycling costs - when plastic wastes are not selected directly from the source and reach the household waste or when they come from high-contaminated food packaging;
are non-biodegradable waste and as a result they have to be eliminated from the environmental point of view.

The ITALPLAST GROUP's waste recycling strategy aims to increase the recycling of plastic waste using all possibilities, namely material recycling and energy recovery.

At the level of 2002, the production of plastic products (PE, PP, PVC, ABS, PS, others) was 92 thousand tons, of which 30 thousand tons (about 30%) are the packaging of PE, PVC, PP. To this is added a production of about 60 thousand tons of PET packaging (polyethylene terephthalate). The production of plastic packaging is constantly increasing, which will also lead to an increase in the amount of waste generated.
The collected and recycled quantities of polyethylene (PE), propylene (PP), PVC, others in 2002 were nearly 7000 tones, of which only 800 tones were collected from the population.

At present, in Romania, the most used method is the mechanical recycling of plastic waste. This occurs without changing the structure of the material (the polymer) and consists in the extrusion - granulation and injection operations. Recycling by chemical processes involves polymer decomposition (modification of the intimate structure of the material) and obtaining the basic monomer (starting material). This process is applied to a very limited extent and only in the case of technological waste.

For plastic waste (PE, PP, PVC, ABS etc.), ITALPLAST GROUP owns recycling facilities with a recycling capacity of more than 200 tones per month, grouped into two categories:
crushing plants and post-consumer wastes washing facilities, having the possibility to process various grades of plastic waste;
the ability to recycle plastic waste by using blowing and injection technologies. They produce granules of recycled polymer, making the raw material for products such as household bags, various parts used in the electrical industry, consumer goods, etc.