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Granule din plastic, colectare deseuri, colectare pet, granule polietilena

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Wellcome to ItalPlast website

ITALPLAST GROUP SRL, a company specializing in the collection and recycling of plastic waste collects waste plastic, paper, cathode.

The company’s activity in the plastic processing field includes both waste recycling and processing of the raw material resulting from the extrusion process- film (building foil, tubular foil, agricultural foil, bin liners and bags). Given than 90% of the companies in Romania produce technological plastic waste, the collection of this waste, its processing by regranulation and its integration in the economic circuit became naturally indispensable, the establishment of Italplast Group being very useful.

The business development during recent years is the result of the stake put on a modern technology and on an efficient management. The activity of S.C. ITALPLAST GROUP is certified according to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2005 and it is approved by the Ministry of Environment of Romania.

We offer the highest quality services in the collection of plastic processing

Specialize in waste collection and plastic processing

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Why should you work with us?

1. We know about recycling! We have experience in understanding and preparing exactly the type of material your operators need!

- LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE (mixtures);

- Natural, Color, Black;

- Recipes depending on the flow index or depending on the application.

2. It's ok to change your mind! You can only consult with us, to find out about the Company, about our products and services, prices, delivery conditions, it is not necessary to buy something!

3. Money back or change of material at our expense, in case your operators decide so.

4. You can call our technical director, Mr. Ciobanu Nicolae tel. 0733.636.117 for product details, extruder adjustment or just for a technical discussion that can help you..

5. We bring your goods home at a small price difference, you establish this with the sales director, Mrs. Elena Cipca tel. 0040722.288.978.

6. For contracts, invoices, "how to get to the factory" you can call the assistant manager Mrs. Cristina Popescu tel. 0040765.514.460.

7. We are interested in having you as a client so you will decide if:

- our goods are one of the best on the recycling market;

- if the technical, commercial staff is one with which you can communicate accurately, openly and operatively.

8. The quality of the material depends on the experience but also on the equipment, the entire fleet of recycling equipment has been replaced with new, high-performance equipment purchased through European Funds at the beginning of 2020.

Customer satisfaction, saving resources and protecting the environment are our main objectives in the medium and long term. To give you a broader idea of our professionalism, there are a few attributes, presented to help you start collaboration with us.


The wide range of services

Recycling, plastics collection and environmental protection services


Modalitati de colaborareWork with us

If you are interested in selling recyclable raw materials (HDPE, LDPE, PE, PP, PS, ABS, transparent PET; coloured PET; Printer cartridges, CARDBOARD AND PAPER, etc.) to S.C. ITALPLAST GROUP SRL the following steps shall be followed:

  1. Contact us by phone or e-mail
  2. Send your offer on the e-mail address of the company
  3. We analyse the material
  4. We conclude the agreement (means of payment, contract)
  5. We purchase the requested material

S.C. ITALPLAST GROUP uses the best technology available in this field. Both technology and technological process used distinguish the quality of our products and services from the ones existing on the market.


  1. German grinding mill “ZERMA” GH 400/600 - 700kg/h;
  2. Washing plant “ZERMA” - 300kg/h;
  3. Shredder (breaker) “ZERMA”;
  4. Austrian regranulation machine “EREMA” RGA 80E-SW - 300kg/h;
  5. Extruder "OZ-MAK" and soldering machine "ES-MAK".

Consultanta in reciclareRecycling is the process by which waste is transformed in a new product.

Waste recycling developed on a constant basis and is carried out to a large extent, both for household and industrial waste. Almost all materials can be recycled. The most known materials are plastic, glass, paper and metals. A challenge in the field of recycling is the recovery of plastic materials.

Among the most frequently used plastic materials there are PET (polyethylene terephthalate), HDPE (high density polyethylene), LDPE (low density polyethylene), PVC (polyvinyl chloride), PP (polypropylene), PS (polystyrene), ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene).

EcologiePlastic waste has certain peculiarities, namely- its recycling is important in terms of oil resource conservation. When speaking about plastic waste recovery we shall consider the following aspects:

  • protection of nature and natural resources;
  • reduction of soil, water and air pollution;
  • eduction of environmental pollution;
  • energy saving.

The company purchases all types of waste:

  • Natural and coloured baled foil: LDPE, HDPE;
  • HDPE, LDPE polyethylene (cans, cases, buckets, barrels, flashes, stoppers, textile cones etc.);
  • Polypropylene (coffrets, flashes, textile cones)
  • Polistiren (casolete, role, obiecte de unică folosinţă, mosoare, umeraşe, etc.);
  • Polystyrene (cassolettes, rolls, disposable items, spools, hangers, etc.);
  • ABS (spools, cases, flashes etc.);
  • Printer cartridges
  • Transparent PET;
  • Coloured PET;
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Finished Products

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