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LDPE Granules

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LDPE Granules

LDPE granules can be of various types:

Color LDPE granules;
Nature LDPE granules;
Transparent LDPE granules.

In order to obtain high quality LDPE granules, the waste from the foil is sorted, washed, chopped and granulated.

Natural and color LDPE granules are obtained from the processing of materials on automatic lines, equipped with washing, degassing and drying.

The natural and color LDPE granules are of the highest quality and are used for extrusion, injection, blowing.

LDPE granules are also known in technical language - regenerated granules or recycled granules.

LDPE granules are obtained by a complex procedure.

The film is mainly made from LDPE granules.

To get finished products - films, bags, bags, LDPE granules must be washed, pre-painted and regranulated.

In order to be able to substitute 80% virgin granule, the LDPE granules must be of 100% purity.