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Granule din plastic, colectare deseuri, colectare pet, granule polietilena

Plastic granules

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ITALPLAST GROUP SRL company produces several types of plastic granules:
- plastic granules - low density polyethylene;
- Plastic granules - High density polyethylene;
- plastic granules - polypropylene
- plastic granules - polystyrene;
- plastic granules - abs.

Plastic granules are obtained by a complex procedure.
LDPE plastic pellets are made mainly by the film.
To obtain finished products - film, sacks, bags, plastic granules must be necessarily washed, pre-painted and regranulated.
To be able to substitute 80% of the virgin granule, the plastic granules must be of 100% purity.

Plastic granules

The plastic granules produced by ITALPLAST GROUP SRL are prewashed, washed and regranulated.
In order to have a commercial appearance and to have no moisture problems, these LDPE and HDPE plastic granules must have a certain granulation.
The most commonly used method for knowing LDPE plastic pellets is by burning with fire.
LDPE plastic granules have a specific smell, similar to wax.

To know the plastic mixture - LDPE plastic granules from other granules, the following methods are used:
- visual
- tactile
- burning to smell and test elasticity.

The plastic granules produced by ITALPLAST GROUP SRL are of superior quality and have the following properties:
- clarity
- elasticity
- no gas contain.

LDPE plastic granules have a certain odor, color, burn as a candle, making a blue flame.
LDPE plastic granules are easily confused with HDPE.