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Polyethylene granules

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Polyethylene granules

ItalPLAST manufactures and markets various types of polyethylene granules:

  • low density polyethylene granules;
  • high density polyethylene granules;
  • natural polyethylene granules;
  • colored polyethylene granules (green, gray, black, blue, green).

Polyethylene granules are obtained by a complex procedure using a high performance technology.

From the polyethylene granules are obtained: foil, household bags, sacks

In order to obtain high quality finished product, polyethylene granules need to be washed, prewashed and regranulated.

The polyethylene granules produced by itlastPLAST are of the highest quality and are used for extrusion, injection and blowing.

By processing waste plastics are transformed into polyethylene granules. Processing of polyethylene granules involves several important phases: color sorting, grinding, extrusion, regranulating and packing in sacks.