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Recycled LDPE

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Recycled LDPE

– is easy to be processed, resistant, durable, flexible, easy to solder (hot), moisture barrier.
Recycled LDPE applications

From recycled LDPE we obtain:
- food bags (sacks) for bread and frozen products,
- bags (sacks) for cases / boxes of clothes, bottles (bottles, bottles),
- tablets for honey, mustard.

Also, recycled LDPE is used to produce flexible caps and in applications with electric wires and cables.

The most used plastic is LDPE recycled (low density polyethylene) and is used to produce bottles that require superior flexibility.

To obtain recycled LDPE, waste from the foil is sorted, washed, chopped and granulated into our recycling line.

The recycled LDPE granule has a size between 4-6 mm (- / + 1) and various colors (green, blue, gray, black, white and naturally).

Recycled LDPE is easy to process, durable, durable, flexible, lightweight (hot), moisture barrier.
Recycled LDPE addresses the plastics processing companies: extrusion, injection, blowing.