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Granule din plastic, colectare deseuri, colectare pet, granule polietilena

Regenerated granules

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Regenerated granules

Company ITALPLAST GROUP SRL offers for sale LDPE regenerated granules - obtained from the recycling of plastic waste.
The waste from the foil is sorted, washed, chopped and granulated.
Company ITALPLAST GROUP SRL sells from its own production regenerated film granules as follows:
- regenerated L.D.P.E. nature;
- regenerated L.D.P.E. color (green, blue, gray, black).

Regenerated natural and color LDPE granules are of the highest quality and are used for extrusion, injection, blowing.

Plastic granules are also known in specialized technical language - regenerated granules.
Products obtained from regenerated LDPE granules

Polyethylene sachets (regenerated granules) - recommended for packing and transporting a very wide range of products.
Polyethylene bags and sacks (regenerated granules) - recommended for packing and transporting various textile and chemical products, being sanitary and for food.
Polyethylene film (regenerated granules) for general use - recommended for bags, bags and bags of high resistance, for agriculture (solariums), for warning strips, shrinkable for collective or individual packaging, with double layer bubbles for special protection to shock.