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Granule din plastic, colectare deseuri, colectare pet, granule polietilena

Waste collection

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ItalPLAST aims to diminish the effects of pollution, supporting economic agents with integrated and flexible solutions for waste collection.

The range of waste collected by our company is the following:

  • low density polyethylene (LDPE);
  • ship HDPE;
  • pack PP;
  • drums, HDPE drums;
  • pallets PP, HD;
  • ABS spools etc.

The basic services offered by our company are: waste collection, transportation, storage and recycling of waste collected by economic agents.

Waste collection should be mandatory at the level of block associations.

Selective collection of waste, storage in separate collection tanks should be an independent initiative of each block association and sectoral mayors.

The collection and disposal of waste is perceived by most of the city's inhabitants as one of the basic elements that condition the quality of urban life, this activity being ranked as important immediately after the supply of water and electricity.

Waste collection can be done:

  • from door to door, or
  • by voluntary contribution.

Recyclable waste can be collected separately on the type of waste - plastic, cardboard, paper, in bins specially adapted for each individual waste.